Infinite Laughter, Infinite Challenges, One Game at a Time.

We aspire to create a fantastical gaming world, a realm of boundless laughter and endless challenges. We firmly believe that in each game we offer, we provide players not only with entertainment but also with an infinite adventure—a playground where laughter and challenges coexist.


Headless Knight: Idle RPG

Brutal dragons have issued their final ultimatum to the otherworld, challenging the mightiest knights. To increase your strength, you need to find the exiled princesses in the otherworld and establish the bonds of light, standing out among global knights in a PK competition, using the Steel Holy Sword to claim the dragon's head.

Dear adventurer, Families endure hunger and captivity, awaiting death." The brutal dragons aimed to quell our resistance and obliterate our fighting spirit. The distant mountains' calls and fleeting fragments of family gatherings have sparked a spark of memories within you.

Blades unsheathed, we face unprecedented challenges. To retrieve memories and strengthen your abilities, you must visit every exiled princess in the otherworld, forming bonds of light with them. Maneuver swiftly, unleash firepower, and seize the dragon's head on the path to restoring light where "blood flowed like rivers"!


Mythic Summon: Idle RPG

"Mythic Summon: Idle RPG" welcomes you to an unblocked adventure in idle card battles. Experience the perfect blend of casual and strategic gameplay.

This AFK RPG offers automatic battles, offline auto-battling, and abundant resources even while you're away. Immerse yourself in a journey where new RPG games meet the classic elements of idle gaming. Unleash the power of summoning and card battles in a super simple, yet deeply strategic, idle RPG AFK experience.

Summon Mythic Heroes, dive into the world of unblocked adventures, and enjoy the marvels of the otherworld in just ten minutes a day!

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We handle press releases, build relationships, and ensure the right people are talking about and creating content for your unique game.

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We review grant requests and offer financial support, recognizing that sometimes an extra push is needed for successful development.

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Organize and update player communities across various platforms, providing essential information and embracing the humor and quirks that arise.

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We evaluate all aspects of game development, offering insights as consultants. We believe in sharing knowledge to collaboratively create the best game.

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Our dedicated Beta Tester team, with diverse skills and backgrounds, rigorously tests games and provides valuable feedback for serious improvement.


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